team bridgestone thailand

team bridgestone thailand

dare to dream, dare to achieve

Inspire by their dreams, they boldly overcame the odds in their Olympic journeys.
Discover the stories of Team Bridgestone Thailand.

Tawin Hanprab

Thai National Athlete (Taekwando)

Anusorn Chaichamnan

Thai National Para-Shooting Athlete

Chaiwat Ratana

Thai National Para-Athletics Athlete

As a proud Worldwide Olympic Partner since 2014 and Worldwide Paralympic Partner since 2018, Bridgestone is supporting the Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement with a message of “Chase Your Dream” that empowers individuals to overcome adversity and constantly strive to realize their dreams. These three athletes have demonstrated their passion and persistence in pursuing their dreams, and this spirit is closely aligned with Bridgestone’s core values and the company’s brand identity.