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Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions and operates with a mission of “Serving Society with Superior Quality.” Bridgestone proudly became a Worldwide Olympic Partner in 2014 and a Worldwide Paralympic Partner in 2018. The company has global rights to the Olympic and Paralympic Movement through to 2024, a period that includes the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024. Bridgestone is dedicated to delivering products, services and solutions that improve the way people move, live, work and play, and its commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements continues a history of sport and innovation dating back more than 100 years. Bridgestone Olympic and Paralympic activities are guided by a global “Chase Your Dream” message, which intends to inspire people to overcome obstacles and persevere in pursuit of their goals.​

Through its diverse portfolio of products, services, and solutions, Bridgestone is proud to help the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) deliver one of the most efficient and sustainable Games ever for athletes, fans, and the host city. The company's support includes:​

  • Plans to maximize its position as the Official Tire of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by providing its products to Tokyo 2020 official fleet vehicles.
  • The recently-announced installation of Bridgestone seismic isolation bearings in the Tokyo Aquatics Centre and Ariake Arena to help decrease the chance of damage in the event of an earthquake.​
  • A commitment to support the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Transport Demand Management (TDM) initiative, which is focused on easing traffic and congestion in the host city next summer.​
  • A variety of additional industry-leading diversified products and solutions that are engineered to promote efficient and sustainable mobility, building efficiency, and more.​
  • A volunteer program that will allow hundreds of its employees to work with organizers to help ensure a smooth and efficient Gamestime experience for fans and athletes.

All Bridgestone activities related to its Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partnerships are designed to empower people of all abilities to persevere through adversity and "Chase Your Dream." In support of these efforts, the company is partnering with over 50 inspiring Olympic and Paralympic Games athletes and hopefuls across more than 15 countries to serve as brand ambassadors on the Road to Tokyo 2020. These partnerships are in addition to the support that Bridgestone also provides to the more than 200 National Olympic Committees (NOC's) - a testament to the company's belief in the power of sport to excite, unite and inspire people across all borders.​

worldwide olympic and paralympic partners

local activation

Chase Your Dream Run

Bridgestone, as an Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partners, encourages everyone to chase his/her own dream to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams by organizing a running event “Chase Your Dream Run, the more you run, the more you give”, uniting allies, Bridgestone teammates with family, dealers, media, national Paralympic athletes and runners all over Thailand to join and achieve the goal of having good health and giving back to the society together. The Chase Your Dream running event was held in total 2 times, the 1st time at the Wachirabenjathat Park and the 2nd time at Bang Pu Subdistrict, Samut Prakan Province.​

Bridgestone is committed and ready to support everyone to achieve their dreams of "Chase Your Dream". No matter how big or small your dreams are, if you start to chase it, that dream is not beyond reach. In the Chase Your Dream Run event, the more you run, the more you give, people who walk / run for health with Bridgestone, every 1 kilometer of running will be converted into a fund to be used in CSR activities for the B Active projects.

The Power of Unity​

Bridgestone and Firestone Joins “The POWER OF UNITY” Project​

Supporting for Thai Sports Heroes to Chase Their Dreams for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games​

Bridgestone and Firestone joined the press conference to launch the project "THE POWER OF UNITY - Combining Thai power with the Olympic Committee of Thailand under the royal patronage, the Sports Authority of Thailand and private sectors including Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., Charoen Pokphand Group and affiliated companies, Singha Corporation Co., Ltd. and Thai Bridgestone, to support and drive Thai national athletes to be successful in all kinds of sports, and chase their dreams for upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic.​


Thai Bridgestone Co.,Ltd., launched “B-Active”, a CSR campaign, as part of its 50th anniversary of Bridgestone in Thailand. The campaign aimed to support people’s health and wellbeing by providing safer public parks for the community.​

B-Active park is a multipurpose area which provides many benefits, not only as a workout space but also for other activities such as community events and small gathering. There are 2 locations for B-Active, the 1st is at Buriram and the 2nd is at Kanchanaburi.

Olympic Day Walk Run ​

Bridgestone was a sponsor of the event, held by the Olympic Committee of Thailand under the royal patronage, to promote and encourage all citizens of all ages to be active and exercise. This was the first collaboration to support Olympic-related activities between Bridgestone and the Olympic Committee of Thailand with Bridgestone as the official sponsor of the Olympics. ​

Olympic Day Walk & Run 2019 was held on Sunday 16 June 2019 in Bangkok starting at the National Stadium which opened to the general public, whether Thai people, foreigners, government, private, embassies and international organizations participating in this activity, totaling more than 13,000 people.​

San Fun Hero

The Foundation of Paralympic Committee of Thailand partnered with the Sports Authority of Thailand, Phramongkutklao Hospital, Singha Corporation, Thai Bridgestone, Toyota Motor Thailand, FBT and PTT, to organize the San Fun Hero Plus 2019 project.

SanFunHero was opened for all disabled veterans and people with disabilities, of any age and gender, who were seeking to embrace, explore and empower their potential.​

The project aimed to forge cooperation, improve the sport performances of disabled people, and encourage people with disabilities to chase their dreams and help them to unmask their inner potential. Additionally, participants would have a chance to become national para-athletes representing Thailand at international Paralympic events, from which they bring to the country the sense of pride, happiness, and good reputation.​

tokyo 2020 overview

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 mascot

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 mascot is styled with the Ai (indigo blue) Ichimatsu pattern from the Tokyo 2020 Games emblem, a tribute to both the respected tradition and modern innovation of Japanese culture. MIRAITOWA has a personality inspired by the Japanese proverb, “learn from the past and develop new ideas”. MIRAITOWA is cheerful and remarkably athletic, with a very strong sense of integrity. It has a special power to instantly teleport anywhere it wants.

Origin of the name

The name MIRAITOWA is based on the Japanese words "mirai", meaning “future”, and "towa", meaning “eternity”, representing the wish that the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will lead to a future of everlasting hope in the hearts of everyone around the world.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games mascot

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games mascot is quite a cool character, with mighty powers and cherry blossom tactile sensors. SOMEITY can use the sensors on the sides of its head for telepathic powers, fly using its Ichimatsu-pattern cape and even move objects without touching them. SOMEITY has a calm and quiet presence, guided by great inner strength, but can display superpowers that embody the toughness and determination of the Paralympic athletes. Someity loves being in nature, and can communicate with natural elements, such as stones and the wind.

Origin of the name

The name SOMEITY comes from "Someiyoshino" — a popular type of cherry blossom — and the phrase "so mighty". SOMEITY can show enormous mental and physical strength, representing Paralympic athletes who overcome obstacles and redefine the boundaries of possibility.